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Can I use laminate flooring with underfloor heating?

Yes, Laminate floorboards can be easily installed on top of your underfloor heating system. that is much more resistant to temperature changes and as a result will not warp or change shape at higher temperatures.

Laminate floors are best designed for use over hot water heating systems. Please note the special instructions here regarding the installation of flooring above hot water underfloor heating systems.

All laminate floors are also suitable for installation with electric floor heating systems. It is very important that the maximum surface temperature of the heating element not go above 27°C. This should be monitored and controlled by appropriate heating controls. Furthermore, one should never completely cover a heated floor surface as this causes rapid temperature rise due to heat accumulation.

Installing laminate flooring with underfloor heating

Laminate floorboards can be easily installed on top of your underfloor heating system. As with wooden floorboards, laminate floorboards are designed to fit together to make them as easy as possible to install.

Leaving an expansion gap during installation

Leaving an expansion gap around the edge of the laminate flooring eliminates the risk of ‘buckling’ from increases in humidity or temperature in the room. An expansion gap of 15mm is usually sufficient to account for expansion and is commonly hidden by the skirting board.

Floating floors

‘Floating’ the laminate flooring involves slotting the boards together and laying them over the underlay and subfloor without any adhesive or further fixing. This is a common option for saving time and labor during the installation process, and also gives the laminate boards more flexibility to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity.