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Why is Laminate flooring color fading?

Why is laminate flooring color fading?

Most laminate flooring is more resistant to fading due to the aluminum oxide coating on the top layer of the laminate. This layer prevents fading from exposure to a light to moderate amount of sunlight.

Be aware that discoloration can still happen after a large amount of constant and intense sun exposure. If you have large windows that allow harsh sunlight for long periods, consider using rugs or drawing the shades during those times to avoid fading.

Over time, laminate flooring can fade, no matter how little sunlight it is exposed to. All modern laminate flooring is treated with a UV-resistant layer on the surface of every board. Depending on the quality of floor you have, this layer will slow the effects of UV rays on your floor’s surface. But, fading isn’t an issue you can ever completely solve.

How to Reduce the fade of the problems?

The one thing you can control is how evenly the floor will fade. One solution here is to think about how much sunlight your floor gets, and how much of the surface is exposed to it. Adjusting window coverings is often the next logical step. Thinking about what covers your floor, like throw rugs and furniture, is also something to think about, as is frequent rotation of these elements (within reason and ability, of course) in order to even out the fading process.