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How to remove a skirting board?

The skirting board will be attached to the wall with screws or nails into the ground boards. Ground boards are pieces of timber attached to the bottom of walls. The first step is to pry the board about 1cm away from the wall to access the rear of the board and the screws or nails. Wear protective gloves.

Balance a crowbar against a piece of wood to protect the wall, and carefully prise the board away from the wall. If you have trouble getting the crowbar in, first prise the board off the wall with a flat head screwdriver or chisel, tapping it down between the board and wall.

Insert wedges into the gap that you have made behind the skirting board. If you don’t have wedges, use small, suitably shaped pieces of wood. Identify where the screws or nails are behind the board, and use a hacksaw blade to cut through them. If you don’t have a hacksaw blade, a hammer and bolster chisel can also be used.

This step is to avoid damage to the skirting board if you want to reuse it. You can now lift away the skirting board. Tip: when fitting skirting boards, start at the longest wall as off-cuts may suit shorter walls.

Now to refit the board again or to fit your new board. Measure and cut new skirting boards to fit. Put the board in place and screw through it into the ground boards. If it is a partition wall, drill through to the stud timber. Carefully miter the skirting boards at 45-degree angles. Some planning will be required to get them to match perfectly.