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Is laminate flooring suitable for commercial?

If you are looking for the right flooring for the retail store, laminate flooring is the right choice! Laminate not only enhances the retail store visually, but it also meets all the requirements of everyday commercial store life.

However, pay attention to the service class of the laminate: Depending on the use of the floor, a higher service class is necessary. If you have found a suitable service class, you have the freedom to choose between different décors!

Is laminate flooring for the commercial stores robust enough?

Time and again, staff walk through the stores for views, fetch a coffee, or copy documents. Customers and employees enter the office wearing their outdoor shoes and bringing in the dirt. Chairs are rolled back and forth every day. Here and there, a pen falls onto the floor. An office floor must withstand many strains. Laminate is highly recommended for retail stores since its robustness is convincing.

Even though it is predominantly made of wood, laminate is much stronger than Engineered wood flooring. This is because the hard surface protects the flooring from scratches and dents. The HDF carrier material with an integrated Aqua Stop system also protects against swelling if a coffee cup topples over.

For laminate – here is how to find the suitable AC class range. Different classes indicate the suitability of the laminate for other living areas. Here is the AC class range:

AC3: This AC3 class describes the use of laminate in residential areas with regular use.

AC4: Laminate with this service class is suitable for commercial areas with medium usage – for example, in a large office with several employees.

AC5: This service class is intended for commercial areas with intensive use – especially for large offices with frequently used conference rooms, etc.