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Know at AC ratings

What do AC ratings mean?

AC is Abrasion Criteria. The AC of a laminate floor tells you how much r and tear it can take. AC ranges are essential, as you may know, some floors in the kitchen will experience more traffic than in others.

Laminate AC ratings generally range from AC1 to AC5, with each one being matched against the results of what is known as the Taber Test. This test calculates how much abrasion a laminate floor can withstand before the surface layer is lost.

Know at AC ratings

laminate flooring is suitable for residential or commercial use, except for rooms with high humidity or moisture content. AC3 or AC4 is ideal for light to moderate use. A higher AC rating is recommended for heavy traffic areas. AC5 is recommended for most commercial applications.

Just so you know what to look out for when you’re searching for a beautiful new laminate floor, take a look at what each rating means below:

RangesDetailsPrice in NZ market
AC1 For rooms that expect very light footfall (such as a spare bedroom), a laminate floor with a rating of AC1 should be suitable here. NON
AC2 For floors that expect a little more traffic, such as a study or a dining room, then you should be OK with a laminate floor rating of AC2. NON
AC3 If you’re searching for a new floor for a hallway, living room, or even your kitchen, a floor with a rating of AC 3 should be suitable for your needs $12.88-$35 per Sqm
AC4 Recommended for commercial use, such as in offices, shops, or restaurants, laminate flooring with a rating of AC4 should be able to take a large amount of traffic. $32-$69 per
AC5 For floors that are expected to have very heavy footfall, whether in a commercial or domestic setting, a laminate floor with an AC5 rating should be something you might want to consider. $38-$89 per
AC6It has an AC6 Rating making it an extra tough commercial-grade floor, since AC5 Grading is suitable for Heavy Traffic in a commercial installation this is another step up in the Abrasion Classification.$70-$100 per

Is there an AC 2.5 rating, AC 3.5, or AC 4.5?

No any of these level ratings.