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Know at Anti-static

The air is charged with electricity. Laminate flooring anti-static floors reduce the static charge in the room. Another advantage of our floors is that they don’t draw in dust and dirt. A valuable, stay-clean feature for home or in the office.

Electrostatic charging is the result of wood or laminate flooring being walked on and is a complex process. An electrostatic voltage field is consequently created between two matters which positive and negative charges cannot discharge if the conductivity of the matter is impaired.

Material combinations such as the sole of a shoe/flooring surface, walking speed, the way of walking, clothing, and climatic conditions (relative humidity and temperature) have a significant impact. Under unfavorable conditions, a person can become charged to a body voltage of up to 25 KV. Approaching earthed parts then results in discharge (“electric shock”). These body voltages are perceptible from approx. 2 KV and even painful over 4 KV.

Guaranteed Anti-Static laminate flooring all experienced static at some stage, and it’s pretty unpleasant. No doubt a ‘shock’ has caused you some discomfort when touching a door handle or using an electrical appliance in your home, so you’öö pleased to hear that help is at hand. Laminate flooring Anti-Static floors provide complete protection against unpleasant shocks. The Anti-Static is built-in and guaranteed for the life of the floor. In addition, these floors do not attract dust and dirt in a conventional way and are therefore incredibly easy to keep clean.