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Laminate flooring certificates

The certificates are essential for laminate flooring to assure quality

Product knowledges

Laminate product marking of knowledge

Know at classification

laminate floor coverings — Classification ISO 10874:2009 establishes a classification system […]

Know at Anti-static

The air is charged with electricity. Laminate flooring anti-static floors reduce […]

Know at E1 grade

This is the symbol to indicate emission class. The emission classes […]

Know at Aqua-stop

Aqua-Stop technology is laminate flooring that remains resistant against liquids and […]

Knowledges bases

Laminate flooring of knowledges bases 


How do I measure our room?

Measure the length and width of the room’s central area. To calculate the size of a room, use the standard […]

how to install laminate flooring

How to install laminate flooring

Measure the Laminate Flooring The common laminate flooring measure is by square meters in New Zealand. The room’s (Length)X(Width) will […]