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What are the advantages of laminate flooring?

Why choice laminate flooring, what is advantages?

Simple to install and dismantle

They are installable on most traditional surfaces. With the click-lock system, two floors can be connected without glue. Although it requires a little effort during installation, it is very stable and looks excellent. Additionally, because it is installed in a floating way without glue, it is easy and convenient to dismantle or change.

Easy to clean

No care solution is necessary. Simple cleaning or a small amount of water can be enough. Whether it is hair, dust, or food remains, laminate is easier to clean than solid wood floors. In addition, because of its own water resistance, laminate is suitable for sweeping and vacuuming.

Fire resistance, water resistance, UV protection

A laminate floor is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and UV protective, which improves the floor’s stability so that it can effectively protect the floor from external factors.

Affordable price

Normally, the price of laminate flooring is much lower than that of solid wood flooring. And due to its material, the method of Floating is used for installation (25NZD-35NZD/Sqm), so it is cheaper than using glue in terms of manual installation. Therefore, it is ideal for ordinary families with low budgets, commercial, rental housing, etc. Even if it is damaged, the price of replacing one piece is meager.

Multiple colors for choice

Laminate has a huge number of well-known brands to choose from in the global market. Therefore, consumers have enough color choices. In addition, the appearance will be designed after the style of solid wood.

Thanks to the advancement of industrial technology, the touch, and appearance of Laminate are getting closer to solid wood.

Sanitation and environmental protection

Laminate is safe, hygienic, and recyclable, and it can be used for a long time (15-20years). Low formaldehyde emission, no release of harmful substances, does not sustain bacteria and dirt so that it can be installed in the rooms of the elderly and children at home.

firm surface

Because of its unique wear-resistant layer, the surface is resistant to wear, scratches, impact, and compression. It is strongly protective due to its tough surface.

Top 5 of laminate flooring brands of world , HARO , KRONO ORIGINAL ,BERRYALLCO,QUICK-STEP,SHAW, get to know more advantages.

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