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Is Laminate flooring best for family with kids?

Why is laminate flooring the best choice?

Kids like to paint on the ground, drive around in toy cars, read, romp around and cook with the children’s kitchen. The floor must be tough to withstand these loads – and most of the Laminate optimally meets this requirement.

Another criterion for selecting the floor in the children’s room for many parents is the health aspect. Some quality Laminate is free of harmful substances and is easy to clean. And what is better than a floor that facilitates the necessary hygiene is warm to walk on.

How about Carpet or SPC flooring?

Most house choice carpets feel warm under your feet. But when it comes to the subject of hygiene, carpets mainly do not perform so well. Carpet flooring is very susceptible to dirt and dust, provides optimal conditions for mites, and is highly vulnerable to stains from liquids. Even with regular vacuuming, carpet flooring does not become clean.

Compared to SPC, laminate flooring is hardwearing whether something falls off the table or a chair is pushed around carelessly while romping around or scratched with toys crossing the laminate floor.

We find that: laminate floor must be able to withstand children’s play. Laminate floorings are relatively insensitive to scratches and bumps. Our products deal with this quickly, and the Laminate in the children’s room still looks good even after years. When playing intensively with wooden blocks or toy cars, you can still cover the floor with a play mat.

Best for a Family with Kids

On the other hand, Laminate has the positive characteristic of forming a sealed surface that is easy to clean. Like this, bacteria and dirt do not have any chance.

Experience shows: When children play intensively, they are entirely in their world. They jump, run and forget their surroundings. Experience shows: footfall sound insulation in the children’s room, in particular, is essential! After all, children should be able to romp around carefree while you as parents should not have to worry whether the neighbors are being disturbed too much.

Last but not least, price is an important criterion when you are making a decision. Laminate flooring is a low-cost flooring compared to wood flooring or carpet floorings.