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Should I install my floor underneath kitchen units?

Install kitchen items to your subfloor first, and install the laminate flooring around the kitchen. The installer will control the gap size. this will leave enough expansion gap for the flooring to expand. It is an essential thing is install a kitchen kickboard after laying kitchen flooring.

There are few reasons:

Do you remember we post the information about installing laminate flooring in the kitchen? Laminate flooring may be the water damage? , If unlucky, the flooring is water damaged, and you need to replace the floor. But, flooring installs for kitchen underneath, you’ll realize how much they cost you should pay. Remove kitchen?

Keep the floor where everybody can see. There’s no need to spend that extra money putting it where it’s not seen. And this will be saving money.

Although laminate flooring is hardwearing, the kitchen things are weighty. You don’t know 80% of kitchen installers will damage the flooring. There’s no worse sight than seeing kitchen things dragged across a newly laid floor.