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What is the best mop for laminate floors?

Laminate floors make your home seem all the more cheerful. Laminate has a tough resin coating as its external layer, and this makes it extremely durable. Not only can a nice laminate floor accent your existing decor, but it can also serve as a gorgeous focal point all on its own. These floors can have a long life span if cared for properly.

Laminate flooring’s longevity. You need to make sure you are cleaning it correctly. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right tools to clean those laminate floors, you’re going to be drawing your guests’ attention in all the wrong ways. To help you do that, you will need to find the best mop for laminate floors.

When cleaning your laminate floors, you should vacuum them instead of sweeping them with a broom. If you choose to sweep with a broom, you are simply pushing around all the bits of dirt, and they act like sandpaper roughing up your nice floors. Instead, use a vacuum that works on hard surfaces to suck up all the dirt and dust.

  1. Dust Mops-The dry clothes are better and safer for laminate, but use both types if you don’t leave the damp one sitting on your floor for too long. Dust Mops, all you need is simple daily dust removal for the flooring in your home. Choose a basic dust mop. You won’t need to get this mop wet at all to use it, so it’s tailor-made for laminate flooring
  2. Spray Mops-For most hand-held mops. These machine-washable pads have convenient straps that connect securely at the top. Spray Mops, laminate floors need a little more than a light dusting but don’t need a good scrubbing yet. The spray mop is a smart choice. A spray mop is similar to a dry mop in that most of them feature single-use cloths. Some have microfiber mopping cloths that you can remove, wash and re-use repeatedly.
  3. Spin mops are another great choice for cleaning your laminate flooring. If you haven’t been able to clean your floors in a while and feel they need a thorough cleanse, the first vacuum and then grab your spin mop and get to work. They are a wise choice for laminate flooring because they don’t use anywhere near as much water as traditional sponge mops. A spin mop will spin out all the excess

When cleaning laminate flooring, please be careful:

  1. To make sure your laminate floors last a long time, do not use too much water on them.
  2. Do not use old-style string mops to clean your laminate floors. These push around the dirt and leave your floors looking dull. They are also notoriously bad for leaving puddles of water。
  3. Do not bleach your laminate floors or use other abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool. These will damage the resin layer and allow moisture into the wood, which will ruin your laminate flooring。
  4. Avoid using products that promise to “shine and protect” your laminate floors. These products tend to build up, leaving a dull residue that is impossible to clean。
  5. Do not use a steam mop. They will be made a problem with the laminate floor.