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What is the Blue Angel certificate?

A lot of products and services carry marks and labels today that are designed to make purchasing decisions for consumers easier. In order for them to provide clear guidance when purchasing products and services, it is not only the level of awareness about the individual labels but also their credibility that plays a significant role.

The German Ecolabel, the original. The first and most successful environmental label in the world – made in Germany.

The Blue Angel environmental label makes this possible: Around 12,000 environmentally-friendly products and services from around 1,600 companies have been awarded the Blue Angel. If you use products or services holding the Blue Angel ecolabel, you can be sure that you are doing something good for yourself, the environment, and the future.

this is because the Blue Angel is an environmental label organized by the federal government of Germany for the protection of people and the environment. It sets very exacting standards, is independent, and has proven itself over more than 40 years as a guide for selecting environmentally-friendly products.

The Blue Angel was the first environmental label in the world and has won the trust of consumers since then for good reason.

Unbeatable product diversity

No label in the non-food sector is as diverse as the Blue Angel. Approx. 12,000 products and services across almost all areas of daily life (except foodstuffs) have currently been awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel.

Exacting and recognized standards

The Blue Angel is only awarded to the best products in each category. The scientifically substantiated development of the award criteria is carried out by the German Environment Agency. The requirements are then discussed and agreed upon in a broad-based process including all socially relevant groups such as representatives from industry or consumer and environmental associations.

Transparency and independence

The Blue Angel is a Type-1 environmental label according to ISO 14024. It thus meets the highest requirements when it comes to the standards it sets, the relevance of the award criteria, and the independence, management, and transparency of the development and award processes.

Everybody knows about the label

Surveys conducted by the German Environment Agency prove 90 percent brand awareness of the Blue Angel. And 23 percent of consumers state that the environmental label influences their purchase decision.

The Blue Angel has lots of ambassadors

The Blue Angel ecolabel has lots of ambassadors: Environmental and commercial associations, consumer centers, environmental consultants within local authorities, sustainability portals, and many other sustainability-oriented players promote the Blue Angel. In addition, there are 1,500 companies that use the Blue Angel in their product portfolios.

Internationally recognized

The good international reputation of German environmental policy and the positioning of the Blue Angel as an “Ecolabel made in Germany” also help in the marketing of products offering environmental benefits in foreign markets.

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