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What is the CARB certificate?

Products that achieve CARB or TSCA certification are verified by a third party to comply with the formaldehyde emissions standards that are required for composite wood products to be sold in California and required by the EPA for products sold in the United States.

The focus of our CARB certification service concerns Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM), and formaldehyde in particular. We can also provide you with technical assistance and training on compliance to help reduce risk, while protecting your brand as well as the public.

Why choose SGS for help with CARB?

SGS is an approved CARB third-party certifier (TPC) and has world-class expertise in the regulatory landscape, as well as accredited testing laboratories. In addition, we’re dedicated to sharing our CARB knowledge through our training and advisory services.

As a trusted partner for panel manufacturers, fabricators of finished goods, distributors, importers and retailers, we help organizations avoid the cost and inconvenience of CARB non-compliance. If you’re releasing a composite wood product onto the US market, trust SGS.

SGS CARB (ATCM) Certification

The ATCM regulation covers airborne pollution sources such as vehicle emissions, petrol stations and automotive maintenance workshops, medical and residential waste incinerators, and dry cleaning operations.

ATCM also aims to reduce formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products. These include hardwood plywood (HWPW), particleboards (PB) and medium density fiberboards (MDF), as well as furniture and other finished products made with these materials.