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What is the EPLE Certificate?

What is the EPLE?

EPLE is the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring. The EPLF® forms a strong, internationally-renowned network for the European laminate flooring industry, it effectively combines the expertise of the manufacturers of laminate flooring and their supplier industries. At the same time, the EPLF acts as the mouthpiece of this industry with regard to national and transnational corporations in the public sector, on subjects such as standardization or the development of international commercial relationships.

Why EPLF certificate important?

Increasingly climate-conscious consumers demand natural, high-quality products with a minimal impact on the environment. Made from wood, laminate flooring provides a durable, versatile and natural-looking product, matching consumer needs for quality with consumer preferences for ecological materials. Laminate flooring is one the most popular of all types of floor covering. The first laminate flooring product based on direct pressure technology was launched on the market in 1989, and within just ten years this product developed to become the trendsetter among floor coverings. Laminate flooring is quick and easy to lay, offers a multitude of individual design ideas, and is a good value for money.

EPLE Membership Made of quality wood?

Laminate flooring is long-lasting & easy to care for, meeting the highest European quality standards

Technically mature and reliable ‒ and with a variety of design options

Nearly 40 years of research, design, and development have resulted in European laminate being one of the world’s most popular, high-quality floor coverings. Laminate is the floor covering that gives extra benefits – extra variety in the choice of decors, extra user comfort, and extra pleasure from made-to-last, environmentally-friendly flooring.

Why is EPLF membership is High-quality product with outstanding properties?

The winning features of superior quality European laminates are not only “superficial”, i.e. in their perfect look and feel, but also in their technical properties: they are produced to a high quality, which makes for extremely hard-wearing and durable flooring. The versatility and easy instalment of laminate flooring makes it a smart solution for all consumers. Intelligent click systems make it easy to lay, take up and swap extra-long or extra-wide planks. Damaged areas can easily be replaced. Laminate is a highly flexible solution that adapts to many use cases. With the appropriate equipment, laminate can be used in any living or working area, and also has new applications in commercial and office spaces.

On request, manufacturers can offer planks with useful additional features such as integrated sound insulation to reduce footfall noise, anti-static surface, edge protection or special moisture protection for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Many producers also include skirting boards and finishing edges in their range that match their board decors.

No other floor covering offers such a large choice of attractive surface decors and textures. With authentic wood finishes ranging from rustic to elegant and featuring stone, metal or graphic decors, laminate allows everyone to express their own personal taste underfoot and pick just the right laminate floor to suit their needs and requirements.

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